Breakfast (Served all day)

    Full English £4.95 

    Half English £3.75

 Vegetarian breakfast £4.25

Bacon or Sausage sandwich / Bap 


    Breakfast Bap £3.99

Ham and Cheese toastie £2.95

   Jacket Potatoes (extra fillings £1)

Cheese, Beans or Coleslaw £3.95

                           Chilli or Tuna,Mayo sweetcorn                                         £4.25 

                               Salad bowls

                 Caesar salad with char-grilled chicken,

                       Chilli chicken and rocket

              Mature cheddar with honey mustard dressing

         Goats cheese with walnuts and blackberry dressing

                                  All £5.95

                          Sandwiches / Baguettes

     (Choice of white or seeded wholemeal )

          Bacon, lettuce and tomato £2.49 / £3.95

        Prawn in Marie Rose and salad £2.89 / £4.45

                   Tuna, sweetcorn and mayo,£2.89/£3.95

     Tuna, cheddar, red onion and mayo £2.49 / £4.25

          Ham or cheese salad £2.49 / £3.95


          Triple cheese, and red onion £4.99

 Hunters chicken, with bacon, cheese and bar-B-que £4.99

              Bacon, brie and red onion £4.99

         Bacon, mozzarella mushroom £4.99

 Char-grilled chicken & Mediterranean vegetables  £4.99

      Tuna melt, tuna mayo, cheddar, red onion £4.99 

       Triple Decker Toasted Sandwich (choice of     white or seeded wholemeal)

    Chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo £3.49

       Tuna, peppers, red onion and taco mayo £3.49

 Chicken, sunblushed tomato, pesto & mixed leaves £3.49

                          Tortilla Wrap

  Sweet chilli chicken, peppers, onion and iceberg £3.59

 Mexican chicken, guacamole, cheese & salsa (hot)£3.59

 Tuna, sundried tomato, cheddar, fire roasted pepper dressing £3.59


                         Filled Ciabatta

 Ciabatta BLT with cheddar, red onion and mayo £4.50

Ciabatta with brie, iceberg and cranberry sauce £4.50

Ciabatta, mozzarella, pesto, med vegetable £4.50